Employee interview series part 1 (1/2) - Lead Engineer Yorihiko Machida

Employee interview series part 1 (1/2) - Lead Engineer Yorihiko Machida

Hello! As part of the recruiting team at DVERSE Inc. I’d like to introduce our team members.
Part 1 of our interview series will focus on Yorihiko Machida, the development operations manager and lead engineer.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to set the standard for VR.”

—Can you tell me a bit about your personal history before you started working at DVERSE Inc.?
I’ve been really interested in VR and have wanted to participate in some way since high school, and after graduating I entered university and eventually graduate school to study IT. After graduate school I joined a foreign hardware vendor and worked there for about 10 years. From there I left and joined a company as a server-side engineer which had about 100 employees at the time. In January 2017 I left to join DVERSE Inc.

I joined the hardware company soon after graduating as a system engineer. I wrote code for half a year after joining, but after that there were few opportunities code, and I moved into planning and management for system integration.

—What was the trigger that made you want to become an engineer?
Actually, working in management really suited me. I handled the stream of tasks like a juggler. I separated the necessary from the unnecessary and set priorities. However, when I looked back at what I was doing I hadn’t written any code, even though I initially wanted to develop for VR, and I thought, “What am I doing? I’ve come to the wrong place.” Once I realized that, I started joining projects in relation to website service development or performance tuning to gather experience as an engineer.

To gain more development experience I transferred jobs to a company which had about 100 employees at the time. I regard engineers as people who operate both wheels of technology and planning skillfully and supply services, and I decided to work at the company since I thought I could operate both wheels. Starting with server-side I coded everything from back-end to front. Moreover, I gained experience as a leader, scrum master, and recruitment staff while also programming.

-How were you given the opportunity to join DVERSE Inc.?
While working for that company I heard about DVERSE Inc. developing software for VR, and I got an opportunity to visit the company and talk to the CTO. He asked me if I’d be interested in joining the software development team and gave me an offer. I was hesitant at first because I had planned to spend more time building my career at the company I was working for, but I thought, “I finally have the chance to develop for VR. I’d be foolish not to take this chance.” So I took the opportunity to join DVERSE Inc.

—Why did you choose DVERSE Inc. over other VR companies?
I get the impression that VR for entertainment is becoming more popular, particularly as B2C, but I thought a B2B service would suit me more, and I could easily imagine that VR can be useful as a business tool. Also, I wanted to work in a startup company so that I could grow with the company.

—Which kind of job are you doing at DVERSE Inc.?
I’m mainly developing for VR. I work as the lead engineer while maintaining a position as scrum master. I’m also participating in recruitment. In terms of developing for VR, I’m developing SYMMETRY alpha using C# for Unity. I’m also contributing to UI/UX design along with other members of the software development team. Furthermore, since there is no dedicated server-side engineer, I’m also doing minimal server-side development. This company is smaller than the other companies I used to work for so the influence of each person is bigger and the connection among members is stronger.

—I get the impression that you are very friendly and attentive to other people.
I always try to keep in mind the feelings of others. To be honest, I have a bitter memories of past experiences which is one of the reasons lol. While working in a company as a new graduate there was a talented boss who participated in developing agile software actively which was rare at that time. However, he was also very strict. Our team met every morning, but he spent the entire time scolding us so we never really had a productive meeting. He continued to scold the people who passed by which went on for half a year. I almost lost heart. Because of that experience I want to help people who are about to lose heart, and I have naturally come to react to the feelings of others.

—What is rewarding about working at DVERSE Inc.?
Simply put, it’s rewarding to be able to develop for VR which I love. I’m happy to research and study VR as a part of my job. It’s also a varied experience whereby I think about “What is useful for the end-user?” or “What will sell?” for the VR industry, which is still developing and has a long way to go with no right or wrong answers. I’m very excited for the opportunity to set the standard for VR.

To be continued.

Employee interview series part 1 (2/2) - Lead Engineer Yorihiko Machida

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