Employee interview series part 1 (2/2)

Employee interview series part 1 (2/2) - Lead Engineer Yorihiko Machida

(Continued from “Employee interview series part 1 (1/2) - Lead Engineer Yorihiko Machida”)

— What’s the atmosphere like at DVERSE Inc.?

We’ve been steadily recruiting new members, so it feels as though we’re finally dashing away from the starting line. Up until recently we had many different requests for new features and additions, though we were always held back because we didn’t have enough people to handle the work load.

— What do you look for when recruiting new members?

I’ve thought about that a lot, but it’s really a difficult question. Of course ability is important, but skill alone is not enough.

Communication is also very important, though not in the sense of being friendly or getting along with others. The key to communication is the ability to logically explain the intention of your actions in a way that everyone understands. Additionally, determining the appropriate process of reporting, informing, and discussing your work within the context of the phase of the project and the company as a whole is an essential part of communication. For example, as opposed to reporting everything that you’re involved with, determine what to share and how to discuss it is a valuable skill.

— So what sort of people are you working with?

For example, one of our VR engineers, Kiseki Nakano, is really passionate about VR, especially VR games. He’s always sharing industry trends and VR games that he develops in his spare time. Another of our VR engineers, Yusuke Matsuoka, is constantly studying UI/UX design along with acoustics for VR and presenting his findings to other members.

— It seems as though everyone likes VR?

Naturally many of us like VR, but we also have engineers that like to develop things for other developers, including engineers and designers. Having a varied team brings about a lot of challenges that provide stimulation and help us grow as a team.

— You’ve mentioned that you’re scrum master. How do you approach and manage the scrum?

At DVERSE Inc. we set one sprint every week and hold scrum. I think it’s normal to have a scrum every two weeks, but I dared to shorten the period between scrums. I did this because I wanted our team to quickly accommodate to scrum, and because it’s difficult to get a sense of how something works in VR without developing and actually testing in VR by following the PDCA cycle with a quick turnover.

We hold a morning meeting every day to share progress, discuss the day’s todos, and the problems faced by our team members. Additionally, every Friday we determine the scope of the next sprint and create a list of the things to do individually. I’m a jack of all trades that educates, facilitates, and improves the environment as is required to help our team develop.

— As an individual, what are you looking to undertake in the future?

I want to get the all-round skill of developing VR: not only Unity but also Shader, UI・UX in the space of VR and so on. I also want to build “team that can grow”. I think it’s important that each person thinks, determines and outputs just because our company is startup. I want to learn the way to make the team that repeat all of them, and each person grows and lead to the growth of the whole team as a result.

I want to become an all-round VR developer. Not only in regards to Unity, but also Shader, UI/UX in the space of VR and so on. I also want to build a team that can grow. I think it’s important that everyone on our team can think for themselves, especially considering that we are a startup company. I want to learn how to build a team whereby everyone grows together as an individual and as a team.

—What kind of people do you think would fit within DVERSE Inc.?

Honestly, as we are a company, our priority is making a profit over helping each member grow. Establishing SYMMETRY, our future release, is currently our top priority. I want someone who can superimpose what they want to do and their growth on the direction of our company. If you’re up for building a business tool for VR, please do apply!

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