Employee interview series part 3 – Nakano Kiseki, Unity Engineer

Employee interview series part 3 – Nakano Kiseki, Unity Engineer

Hello! As part of the recruiting team at DVERSE Inc. I’d like to introduce our team members.
Part 3 of our interview series will focus on Kiseki Nakano, the youngest Unity engineer in DVERSE Inc.

– Can you tell me a bit about your personal history before you started working for DVERSE Inc.?
Hi! I’m Kiseki Nakano. After graduation from three-year vocational school, I developed consumer game with Unity in new business department of a company. August 2016, I joined DVERSE Inc..

― Did you learn programing in vocational school?
Actually, I’ve been programming since junior high school. During that time, my family had an old MSX PC made by Microsoft, which could be used with a tv. While reading through books on game programming I’d basically transcribe the code lol.

– How were you given the opportunity to join DVERSE Inc.?
Actually, I can’t remember in detail. I had a vague interest in VR from the past. However, I’d never touched it in real, and I didn’t know what VR is concretely. In that time, I applied for an offered position of VR engineer in DVERSE Inc. through WANTEDLY. Although I went to other company, when I visited DVERSE Inc., they allowed me to try prototype of SYMMETRY alpha. Simply, it impressed me. At that time, there were few members in DVERSE Inc, so from the first interview, I talked with Shogo Numakura, CEO of DVERSE Inc. and Tomonori Takata, CTO of DVERSE Inc. They explained to me whatever about VR sincerely, and I was surprised to know SYMMETRY was developed by CTO himself. I was sure that I can develop the high quality VR, so I decided to join DVERSE Inc.

– Why did you decide to develop VR software for enterprise even if you like game?
I believe that various kinds of development leads me to create the interesting game. After all, I would like to make use of VR technology when I develop game.

– What were you impressed by the most since you joined DVERSE Inc.?
Only a year and a half year ago, I thought that there were few members right now. It means like StartUp, isn’t it? Someone made a plan alone, everyone had concurrent works. But even if there were a lot of things to do, whoever wanted to try, they could, I was satisfied with it. Except for development, everyone cooperated with each other when we participated in event. It was hard, but it was really precious experience and it was really fun. Even if now we had 20 members, our culture that whoever want to try, they can is still here.

– Is there something hard for you when you work?
Not in particular. But If you ask me, catching up with new technology is hard for me. Still now, there are few engineer who is developing VR. And we spend the time not only developing, but also researching. In fact, It is an daily event that we develop while we research. To master skills, I always develop, even if I’m off duty.

– What line of work are you in? What kind of person are there in your team?
I am member of R&D Department, and we develop SYMMETRY with Unity. Because I have used Unity for a long time, I’m in charge of the details of development, and I research how to make the best use of it and share with other team members. I believe that each engineers have each specialty. For example, one is very good at UI/UX and design, and the other is very good at coordinating us to develop smoothly. The person who has experienced full-stack engineer supports server side and infrastructure. Honestly, I can just develop client side right now, and I hope that engineer who has different experience and who has the different ability will join us. We would like Unity engineer to join us. Improve your skills together!

– What part of SYMMETRY alpha did you develop?
I developed MarkUp and Online Collaboration. We are developing other function together.

– Do you have any clear vision in the future?
I am not interested in position, so I don’t have vision such as I want to be manager. But I want to be engineer who can create VR contents as I imagine. To be such engineer, I have to keep learning new skills and technology, and experiencing many things. And I want to be able to make 3D model with SketchUp. If it is possible, I can share the strong point of SYMMETRY.

– Finally, Could I have a quick word from you?
If there are Unity engineers who want to work in the field of VR, I would like them to try SYMMETRY alpha. If you try it, your way of thinking and view of the world will be changed.

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