【Komi-Journal #02】Tricks of Line tool and guide line

【Komi-Journal #02】Tricks of Line tool and guide line

Line Tool

The Line tool is a standard SketchUp tool. Effective use of the Line tool allows you to draw lines faster. Furthermore, you can change the style of your line drawings in Window > System Preferences > Drawing > Click Style.

Adjusting the Click Style can also help you draw better lines.


Let’s dive into Click Style.


This Click Style allows you to draw a line with click and drag. Just clicking alone will not allow you to draw a line. Though it may not be suitable for drawing a single line, it allows you to draw multiple, continuous lines with ease.

See here. 


Click to set the line’s starting point and click again to set the line’s end point. Click and release to set the stand-by for the line’s end point. After that, upon selecting the checkbox, if you continue your line drawing you’ll be able to draw a dashed line.

To quit this tool you can press the Esc key, click the starting point of the line you’ve drawn, or join the line to make a face.

【Auto detect】

This will allow you to draw a line with both Click-drag-release and Click-move-click. Select the checkbox and continue your line drawing to draw a dashed line.

To quit the tool push the Esc key or click the line’s starting point and create a face with Click-drag-release.

Auto detect enables you to finish a line drawing with Click-drag-release. In other words, without using the Esc key, returning to start point or making a face, you can finish Line tool with just your mouse.

【Drawing short guide】

Guidelines called Construction Line can be created with the tape measure tool. Normally, when you create a guide, a dotted line is drawn infinitely. However, sometimes we want to draw a short guideline more freely.


By entering the below text in the Ruby console you can draw a dotted line in your work space:

 model = Sketchup.active_model

 ent = model.entities ent.add_cline([0,0,0],[1.m,1.m,0])

If possible, we’d prefer it if we could draw guidelines just like we do with the Line tool. Let’s install a sample code for a plugin from Extension Warehouse. 


When you place Sketchup::Examples::linetool in the Ruby console it enables you to draw a short guideline as you would with the Line tool. 

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