Employee interview series part 4 – Akihito Hamano, Student Intern

Employee interview series part 4 – Akihito Hamano, Student Intern

Hello! This is DVERSE Inc.’s recruiting team.
Today’s interview will be focusing on our intern, Akihito Hamano!

– Please briefly tell us about yourself!
Hello, I am Akihito Hamano, a senior at Chuo University, School of Economics. After graduation I will begin working at an IT startup in Tokyo. I am very interested in technologies such as AI and VR, particularly their influence on human mentality and behaviour. For that reason I joined DVERSE Inc. as an intern.

– Why did you choose to join DVERSE Inc.?
As I mentioned earlier, I was very interested in VR. Despite reading a lot about VR I’d never seen a VR headset in real life, so I wanted to find out for myself how VR software is developed. I had experience with mobile VR apps and games, however they lacked a sense of reality which led me on a mission to find out what real VR was like. Additionally, I’d like to start my own business utilising VR in the future, therefore working in a VR startup company was an ideal choice as my first step.

– What is your impression of working at DVERSE Inc.?
I was helping out with social media promotions and English translations for promotional contents within the marketing and sales department. Working in startups is very fast-paced. Take social media promotion as an example, after running through PDCA(plan-do-check-act, a managing method for business improvement), depending on the result, operation policy might be changed immediately. As the priority changes, I’ll also have to challenge myself to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Through working on various tasks, I get to experience how it is like to work in a startup company.

– What were your coworkers like?
At first, I had a stereotypical image of a group of geeky male engineers, but I was quite surprised when I found out how many women were actually working here too. In addition, there were also many people with various backgrounds. There are people with different nationalities, people who came from a SI(abbreviation for system integration) background, people used to work in virtual currency and others without a direct background related to VR. People here are all very friendly. Many people often assume that engineers are difficult to talk to while working. However, the engineers here are very active and talkative. Thanks to them, I get to adapt to the workplace immediately.
The CEO also has a very unique impression. Visually, he looks like someone that belongs to a rock band. After talking to him, he is surprisingly a very mischievous man inside.

– Can you briefly explain DVERSE Inc.’s VR software “SYMMETRY”?
To put it simply, “SYMMETRY can reproduce the building you want to see in front of you.” I’d often used a website called 3D Warehouse, which is a platform for uploading and sharing 3D models created with SketchUp, and I’d download models of the Parthenon and movie sets and look at them in VR. Experiencing the models in VR gives a great sense of being in the location and walking through the space. SYMMETRY’s user experience is very immersive, particularly compared to other VR software I’ve used.
I also felt that, because historical buildings can be easily reproduced with 3D CAD, SYMMETRY has great potential for use in education along with architecture and design.

– What did you learn at DVERSE Inc.?
I was able to broaden my knowledge of VR and my understanding of VR’s practicality and future use for business. In order to pursue my goal, I hope to make use of the experience I’ve gained through this internship. Thanks to DVERSE Inc. for giving me this amazing opportunity. Also to people who are working at DVERSE Inc., please make this world more extraordinary!

…Thank you very much! Today is actually Akihito’s last day! He will be starting a new life as a new graduate from April.
Good luck with the new job! Everyone in DVERSE Inc. supports you and is looking forward to Akihito’s success in the future!

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