【Model of the day #01】

【Model of the day #01】

Hello, this is Pepe from DVERSE Inc.!

As part of our Model of the Day series, according to each theme, we will use the 3D Warehouse import function in SYMMETRY alpha to introduce various models that were uploaded to 3D Warehouse. After importing the model into SYMMETRY alpha, we will be able to check out the model at 1:1 scale.

For today’s Model of the Day we will be looking from the perspective of education.

Let’s take a look at this model first.

User name: Gabri G. 


This is a Gothic architecture model that architecture students downloaded from 3D Warehouse when they were first given a SYMMETRY demo. Gothic architecture is an architectural style that originated from Paris and influenced all parts of Europe from the 12th century to the end of the 15th century.

Let’s take a look at how the model looks like after importing into SYMMETRY.

This model clearly shows unique Gothic architecture features, such as cusp arcs.

In addition to checking personal work, SYMMETRY can also be utilized for other purposes as well, such as viewing models of buildings in far-off or unreachable locations and viewing it at 1:1 in VR space. With our example of Gothic architecture, we can apply SYMMETRY in the field of education by reviewing historical architecture and cultural heritage in VR space immediately.

Next, let’s import a five-storied pagoda into SYMMETRY and view it in VR space.

User name: ayihcust 


The Five-Storied Pagoda is a kind of five-story pagoda (Buddhist temple) that also functions as a pavilion. Each part implies one of five different cosmologies, from bottom to top: Earth (base), Water (body of the Pagoda), Fire (umbrella-shaped pedestal), Wind (lotus-shaped pedestal), and Sky (uppermost spherical part of a pagoda).

Let’s take a look at the model!

Even the complicated support eaves are reproduced in SYMMETRY. Historical architecture as such may be utilized learning material for craftsmen that build such structures.

We tend to think of students when it comes to education, but let’s have a look at this model.

User name:o.uetani1  


This is a scaffolding model built for a construction site.


These models can also be used as teaching materials at construction sites, and we will pick them up following the theme of education.

On a construction site, there is a regulation called the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, which onsite supervisors must utilize to manage the safety of the site. For example, attaching a two-step handrail to a predetermined fixed height on a scaffold is mandatory. In addition to having the design meet the criteria of this regulation, situations such as removing safety equipment due to any reasons need to be corrected immediately as well.

For this reason, construction companies hold safety lectures to educate onsite supervisors.

However, many companies focus only on the educational aspect of these lectures, the result of which is a lot of problems that were not spotted during the lecture tend to be discovered after entering the actual site. As a solution to this, we can address a safety tour simulation of a building site using VR.

Let’s enter the VR space and take a look at the actual safety tour simulation.

Today we introduced several models following the theme of education in different environments.

This is all for today, see you next time!

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