DVERSE partners with NTT EAST JAPAN’s “Smart Innovation Lab” to launch trials for AI-integrated VR solutions

DVERSE partners with NTT EAST JAPAN’s “Smart Innovation Lab” to launch trials for AI-integrated VR solutions

(Tokyo, Japan) – DVERSE Inc., a VR software developer (registered in Delaware, US; Shogo Numakura, CEO; here forth, “DVERSE”) announces that it has partnered with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, (here forth “NTT EAST”) to launch joint trials in NTT EAST’s “Smart Innovation Lab”.

The focus is to develop AI and VR solutions that optimize the design process for the architecture and design industries. In addition to this, both entities have launched trials using AI and VR to automate early detection and visualization of fissures, cracks and other damage, particularly to concrete infrastructure as a way to mitigate large-scale damage. The effort is in part to serve a national infrastructure maintenance initiative.

SYMMETRY is a design and architecture VR software that is integrating AI for greater ease-of-use

The key value to deep learning in VR is the ability to recognize 3D objects as opposed to 2D objects. Not only will AI learn to distinguish objects from one another in VR, but will also enable the maneuvering of objects in a 3D space. Furthermore, the addition of NLP (natural language processing) will enable users to make commands and revisions using VUI – examples of commands: change the color of the chair to red; brighten the entrance lights; lower the ceiling by 3cm, etc. Anyone will be able to make voice commands inside of VR to manage architectural and interior design workflow – to review, revise and validate – with ease.

VR and AI solutions to automate damage-inspection of national infrastructure

Drone-captured images of minor damage to infrastructure will first be processed to generate high-resolution 2D and 3D images, which will then be deep-learned to automate predictions of damage-patterns that are processed for visualization in VR as a new procedure to mitigate extensive damage to concrete infrastructures. This will enable management personnel to simulate and to plan repair missions accordingly. Traditional methods required archiving of paper photos of damaged areas; however, the new VR-AI solution will convert photographs to point-cloud data and 3D models so that they can be visualized in VR and AR for improved archiving purposes.

In the near future, DVERSE will use NTT EAST’s data center server and edge-computing services to deep learn, process, and store data for 3D models, point-cloud, retail store POS, consumer behavior to serve clients with the highest quality in service.

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