Employee interview series part 5 – Ching Wang, Student Intern

Employee interview series part 5 – Ching Wang, Student Intern

Hello! This is DVERSE Inc.’s recruiting team.
Today’s interview will be focusing on our intern, Ching Wang!

-Please introduce yourself.
Hi, I’m Ching Wang from Taiwan, and I’m currently studying at the School of Liberal Studies at Waseda University. Nice to meet you!

-What made you want to come to Japan?
Historically, Taiwan has a deep relationship with Japan. There are a lot of chances to interact with Japanese culture which developed my interest towards Japan.

For example, Japanese pop culture such as television dramas and fashion were very popular when I was in elementary school. During my high school years, I got the chance to interact with Japanese students when our Japanese sister school visited. There are also many Japanese restaurants in Taiwan that provide an experience for Japanese food culture.

In addition, Japan is very good at merging their traditional culture and modern culture, which I would like to learn in the actual environment.

-Why did you decide to join DVERSE Inc.?
At first, I was randomly searching for internships related to marketing on Wantedly lol. I happened to run into DVERSE Inc.’s English support internship which I later signed up to since it is something I felt I could definitely do. Of course, I did not pick this internship just based on the job contents. The essential deciding factor was that DVERSE Inc. will be an opportunity for me to get to know virtual reality (VR). I’d like to work in the advertising industry after graduation, and I believe VR is starting to immerse into the industry. In fact, VR is already used for experience-based promotions and movie advertisements. The price of VR equipment is gradually decreasing, and I believe once its popularity has reached the common market it will definitely create a huge business opportunity. Therefore, by interning in DVERSE Inc. I may have the chance to utilize my experience here in the future.

-Were you originally interested in VR?
To be honest, I was not familiar with VR. The only industry I knew that has a close relationship to VR is gaming, which I actually have zero experience in. I wasn’t familiar with the VR community for business use either, so DVERSE Inc.’s internship was a chance for me to dig down into other uses of VR.

-What sort of work do you do at DVERSE Inc.?
My job is mainly translating materials into English or Japanese. This task is surprisingly hard because a lot of these materials use a lot of professional terms lol. In order to understand the contents, it is necessary to research on professional terms as well as the industry itself. In addition to translation, I also worked on other tasks such as promotion preparation, market research, target audience analyzation and so on.

-Please simply introduce DVERSE Inc. in an intern’s point of view.
Speaking of VR, people tend to think of gaming. However, DVERSE Inc.’s in-house developed product SYMMETRY is for businesses. To sum it up, SYMMETRY is an architecture, space design, interior industry oriented VR software that replicates the actual size of architects or designers’ work (such as architecture or interior design) into VR space. Therefore, while in DVERSE Inc. you not only learn about VR but also dive into the areas related to said industries.

Since there is no hierarchy between employees and interns, you can easily find help from other people. With an active, motivated attitude and opportunities to challenge different types of tasks, this is a place where you can improve your career skills a lot.

-What are your thoughts after working for a startup company?
The advantage of working in DVERSE Inc. is that your work is broad. Usually, new tasks come right after the previous tasks back to back which creates this very speedy working environment. Since the communication between people is frequent and dense, it is easy to exchange opinions with the people you work with. As a result, there are also cases where even an intern’s idea can be approved.

There are also disadvantages too. Since there are few resources such as talent and funds, it is essential to keep coming back to the question of “What one can contribute in such environment?” and “How do I achieve the set goal with limited resources?” However, instead of calling it a disadvantage, it is more likely to be a common reality that other startup companies also have to face.

-What is the best part of working in DVERSE Inc. as an intern?
Every day you learn new things and transfer that into your own knowledge. Despite working in marketing and promotion, I get to talk to various people from other departments as well! For example, during a coffee break one day, I ran into a senior engineer and passionately talked about a TED talk regarding concept creation together lol. This internship is definitely one of a kind compared to other intern opportunities out there. It is always a pleasure to have to the chance talk to other employees with different backgrounds!

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