【Komi-Journal #06】SketchUp Tips: Change model colors with Layers

【Komi-Journal #06】SketchUp Tips: Change model colors with Layers

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With CAD design software, models can be sorted into layers of different colors by category. The same thing can be done in SketchUp.

Click the detail button in the Layer panel and check “Color by layer” in the context menu.

That’s it. When modeling, as long as Visible is checked the model will be the active color of the layer.

Movie: Color display by color of layer

You also can change color of the model after it is grouped and componentized using the same method.

Movie: Color display by color of layer in a group

Keep in mind that with this method the texture of your model will not be displayed. Upon inspecting the entity information of the surface, it is clear that the color shown in the workspace is not reflected on the entity.

“Color by layer” is useful when working on complicated models like a piping installation or other models that are hard to understand visually. This method makes it easier to see the grouping and positional relation of model types when sorting models into layers of different colors by specification or standard.

The picture on the left is the model of a piping installation downloaded from 3Dwarehouse. All the materials are deleted as a sample.

Pipes are colored after every rute is classified by layer and use the function “color of layer”, and the flows of chemical substances transported from pipes can be seen easily.

This model imitates a reinforced concrete apartment house. By sorting frames, separation walls, partitions, or floors by Layer the structure of the materials can be easily visualized without classifying by color by when using “Color by layer”.

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